10% Discount for Military and First Responders

You serve us. Let us serve you. We offer a 10% discount off every invoice. This applies to all current and former military personnel and first responders.  THANK YOU for your service!


10% Discount for Seniors

We offer a 10% discount off every invoice. You've done your part, let us do ours.


Do you qualify for a rebate on a new toilet installation?

We will install the best toilet currently on the market, the Toto Drake II in white for $600. This price includes labor to pull the old and install a new toilet with new seat, wax, bolts, shut-off valve and water supply line. Includes haul off the old toilet at no additional charge. Most installs can be completed in one hour*.

*In some instances, after pulling the old toilet, we find the flange is in need of replacement and will be done for an additional charge. The price will be communicated to you before the new toilet is installed. 

Several cities in and around Collin County offer rebates for replacing older, high flow toilets with newer, water saver toilets. Contact us now for more information. 

Call 469-969-6436 for more information or to schedule an appointment.